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"She is also a Reiki Master and uses spritual guidance to find what can be released in your body. Emotions usually have an attached lingering pain. Get rid of the emotion, the pain leaves.She tapped into something that has never been dealt with for 60 years. We released it and it took out any lingering charge. This was my first session. I will return for another session without any doubt,"-Shana

"I have worked with Hope JelinekBerry since 2013.
She is a phenomenal teacher for me. Our interaction has guided my growth in the healing arts, Reiki and Crystal healing. She has also guided me on my journey in remembering my intuitive gifts and own personal power. She is a mentor, friend and sister and she continues to guide my growth to this very day. I am grateful to have been guided to someone who is so powerful yet kind, humble and truly has love for her students. Hope has been a blessing to me and I hope you have the opportunity to work with her," Adrienne.

body work

with more than two decades of experience, let my hands work with your body to relieve tension, realign chakras and soothe muscles

mind & intution

I realized at an early age that I had a gift that I could feel deeper;

let me help you find your intuition and self-guidance systems


to assist 

Body Mind Soul

Healthy LifeStyle 3 Months

Phone Sessions

Healthy LifeStyle 6 Months

Phone Sessions


Healthy LifeStyle 3 Day In person

Just had a session with Hope JelinekBerry...

If anyone is looking for an excellent healer (she does long distance) I would highly recommend her. In the few sessions we've had we've really gotten right down to the root issue and released a lot of personal blocks. She usually has you talk to her beforehand about things that you feel may be blocked or any issues you have that are reoccurring. Then you go into a meditative almost trance state where she helps guide you to the root of the issue. Some issues will take longer to release than others. Often after I have a session I'll either be really tired or super emotional. I usually feel the next day or so all the excess gunk comes out and then after that I feel super clear,"-Katelan


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